SGA Committees

Our Mission

Share ideas, resources and best practices to develop people, relationships and solutions

Southern Gas Association’s committee structure covers virtually all parts of the natural gas business separated into eight categories – Asset Management, Associate Members, Customer Growth and Development, Innovative Opportunities, Leadership, ESG & Corporate Services and Safety & Employee Development Section Managing Committees.

Committees and volunteers are the energy that drives SGA forward. Committees organize and sponsor workshops, roundtables, webinars, conferences, benchmarking surveys, and joint industry projects. Through digital and in-person engagement, SGA members come together to share ideas, resources, and best practices to develop people, relationships, and solutions.

SGA Committee Q&A Webinar on Framework and Updates


Downloadable files to better understand the interactions between committees, sub-committees and other volunteer groups. They ensure SGA serves and support the natural gas industry the best it can.

Be An Industry Influencer. Join a Committee.

With as little as 1-2 hours a month, we know you have what it takes.

We want your knowledge – we invite high-performance industry professionals to share ideas and strategies regarding best practices, better processes, better results, and a safer industry.

We want your innovation – beyond planning events, our committees act as an incubator for innovation that will ensure relevance for the natural gas industry far into the future.

We want your influence – with a focus on volunteer leadership development, professional growth, and exposure opportunities, we’re developing leaders who will chart the course to a sustainable energy future.

At SGA, we invest in the future of natural gas by providing opportunities to learn, exchange ideas, share solutions and grow professionally. Committee members create connections, build community, and enjoy opportunities for leadership.

Join a SGA committee today and influence the future of the natural gas industry as we advance innovations and develop people, relationships, and solutions.