Meet Our Staff

Suzanne Ogle
President & CEO, SGA | President, GMRC
Cindy Mitchell
Vice President of Operations
Amber Oetting
Director of Program & Communications
Reagan Ginther
Director of Strategy & Membership
Celesta Miracle
Director of Committee Culture & Strategy
Stephanie Carlozzi
Senior Manager of Information Systems & Accounting and Finance
Martha Stedman
Manager L&D Logistics
Abi Ballesteros
Learning & Development LMS Administrator
Susan Joiner
Trade Show Manager
Katie Burke
Meeting & Event Planning Manager
Rick Krajkoski
Events & Administrative Manager
Mary Savalle
Sr. Manager of Committee Strategy
Katherine Dempkowski
Member Services
Brianne Knierman
Committee Manager
Garrett Shuman
Manager of Committee Culture
Rishi Chauhan
Committee Manager/GMRC
Carol Keith
Executive Assistant & Board Liaison

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