Meet Our Staff

Suzanne Ogle
President & CEO, SGA | President, GMRC
Cindy Mitchell
Vice President of Operations
Amber Oetting
Director of Program & Communications
Reagan Ginther
Director of Strategy & Membership
Celesta Miracle
Director of Committee Culture & Strategy
Stephanie Carlozzi
Senior Manager of Information Systems & Accounting and Finance
Martha Stedman
Manager L&D Logistics
Abi Ballesteros
Learning & Development LMS Administrator
Lori Schirpke-Jordan
Manager, Events
Susan Joiner
Trade Show Manager
Mary Savalle
Sr. Manager of Committee Strategy
Katherine Dempkowski
Member Services
Brianne Knierman
Committee Manager
Jazzmin Jefferson
Committee Manager
Rishi Chauhan
Committee Manager/GMRC
Carol Keith
Executive Assistant & Board Liaison

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