Asset Management

Measurement & Communications


Chair: Clayton Blackston, P.E., Dominion Energy

Vice Chair:  Wayne T. Ledbetter II, Piedmont Natural Gas


The purpose of the Measurement & Communications Committee is to provide opportunities to share in experiences, lessons learned, challenges, and successes of SGA member companies. By focusing on the accurate measurement of natural gas, this committee will expand efforts related to meters, field proving, station design, research, and more.

Who We Are? Engineers and natural gas employees that deal with gas measurement and regulations.

What We Do? Facilitate the exchange of measurement and regulations information through roundtables, webinars and open dialogue.

Where We Meet? The committee meets on monthly conference calls, at an onsite planning meeting and holds a roundtable as part of the SGA Natural Gas Connect.


  • Ray Brown, Associate Committee Member | Pipeline Equipment, Inc.
  • Wayne T. Ledbetter II, Vice Chair | Piedmont Natural Gas
  • Tushar Shah, Associate Committee Members | Eagle Research Corporation
  • Ryan Edge, Member | Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Inc.
  • Michael McMahon, Associate Committee Members | Aclara Technologies
  • Ignacio Torres, Jr., Past Chair | CenterPoint Energy
  • Dean Lightfoot, Associate Committee Members | Romet Limited
  • Dan Geers, Member | Duke Energy Corporation
  • Clayton Blackston, P.E., Chair | Dominion Energy
  • Clinton Anderson, Associate Committee Member | SICK, Inc.
  • Brianne Knierman, SGA Staff Liaison | Southern Gas Association
  • Austin Sorensen, Past Chair | Williams Companies-Northwest Pipeline
  • Adnan Husain, Member | Boardwalk Pipelines