Women & Leadership


Chair: Nancy E. Conder, CenterPoint Energy

Vice Chair: Brandi Price, Atmos Energy, West Texas Division

Second Vice Chair: Emily Rogers, P.E., TC Energy USA Pipeline Services, LLC


The purpose of the Women & Leadership Committee is to provide opportunities to share in experiences, lessons learned, challenges, and successes of SGA member companies. This committee is designed to educate, inspire, and energize women and their allies in the natural gas industry, aiming to enhance their leadership skills and knowledge.

Who We Are? Diverse group of individuals from across the natural gas industry who are passionate about growing, training and improving today’s and tomorrow’s leaders.

What We Do? Provide an opportunity for women to grow their professional network of mentors and business partners, learn from each other through sharing ideas, observing, interacting with established leaders, coaching and encouraging one another.

Where We Meet? The Women & Leadership Committee meets virtually through webinars, in person at planning meetings and conferences, and for monthly committee calls.


  • Nancy E Conder, Chair | CenterPoint Energy
  • Mindy Morrissey, Member | Tenaska Marketing Ventures
  • Emily Rogers, P.E., Second Vice Chair | TC Energy USA Pipeline Services, LLC
  • Brandi Price, First Vice Chair | Atmos Energy, West Texas Division
  • Yolanda Santiago White, Member | Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia
  • Sylvia Joure, Member | Memphis Light, Gas & Water Division
  • Samantha Howard, Member | Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Inc.
  • Rishona Harris, Associate Committee Member | Centuri Group, Inc.
  • Robin Devido, Associate Committee Member | DNV
  • Rachel B. Williams, Associate Committee Member | Tetra Tech, Inc.
  • Montana Patin, Member | Boardwalk Pipelines
  • Lauren Maas, Associate Committee Member | Colliers Engineering & Design
  • Linda Haft, Associate Committee Member | Magnolia River
  • Lisa Holleron, Member | Kansas Gas Service
  • Kristin Cox, Member | BGE, a member company of Exelon Corp.
  • Joyce Gorgan, Associate Committee Member | Mosaic
  • Julie Ann Price, Member | Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Inc.
  • Kate Murphy, Member | Environmental Solutions & Innovations, Inc.
  • Jen Kostyniuk, Chair | Member | Dominion Energy
  • Celesta Miracle, SGA Staff Liaison | Southern Gas Association
  • Camille Williams, Member | Boardwalk Pipelines
  • Carol J McKnight, Associate Committee Member | SWCA Environmental Consultants
  • Brandy Silvio, Member | Boardwalk Pipelines
  • Allie Meyer, Associate Committee Member | Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
  • Alesia Black, Member | Kodiak Gas Services, LLC