Safety & Employee Development

Learning & Development


Chair: Bob Price

Managing Section Liaison: James Owens, Atmos Energy, Mid-Texas Division

SGA Committee Manager: Rishi Chauhan, Southern Gas Association


The purpose of the Learning & Development Committee is to provide opportunities to share in experiences, lessons learned, challenges, and successes of SGA member companies. This committee focuses on developing, monitoring, and promoting excellence in lifelong learning processes and strategies for natural gas industry professionals.


Who We Are? Learning and Development and Organizational Development departments from across the industry.

What We Do? We focus on and anticipate the needs of member companies (and the natural gas industry as a whole), investigate possible training or training-related functions to meet those needs, and provide guidance to SGA staff, member companies, and vendors serving the natural gas industry.

Where We Meet? The Learning & Development Committee meets virtually through webinars, in person at planning meetings and conferences, and for monthly committee calls.


  • James Owens, Managing Section Liaison | Atmos Energy, Mid-Texas Division
  • Bob Price, Chair |
  • Adam Compton, Member | Mosaic
  • Allen Roy, Member | CenterPoint Energy
  • Candace Byington, Member | ONE Gas, Inc.
  • Chloe Mackay, Associate Member | Gas Transmission Systems Inc.
  • Eric Thomas Maray, Member | CoServ Gas Ltd.
  • Gaye Lynn Schaffart, Member | Tenaska Marketing Ventures
  • Gerald Allex, Member | Xcel Energy
  • Jeff Gorman, Member | Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Inc.
  • Joy Christina Service, Member | Spire Alabama Inc.
  • Kevin Murphy, Member | LG&E and KU Energy LLC
  • Scott Sainsbury, Member | CenterPoint Energy
  • Tara Hammett, Member | Atmos Energy Corporation
  • Yolanda Santiago White, Member | Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia
  • Tom Mumford, Associate Member | ODIN EPC, LLC
  • Kadmiel Beauvais, Member | City of Tallahassee Natural Gas Utility
  • Rishi Chauhan, SGA Committee Manager | Southern Gas Association
  • Chase Hardwick, Member | Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia
  • Hethe Hyder, Associate Member | Colliers Engineering & Design