Pipeline Safety Council

Providing leadership to enhance the safe operation of our pipelines


Provide leadership while working with operators and stakeholders to enhance the safe operation of our pipelines

The Pipeline Safety Council will consist of senior delegates from member companies who will advance pipeline safety for transmission, midstream and distribution operating companies.  The Council will provide leadership while working with operators and stakeholders to enhance the safe operation of our pipelines by focusing in the two primary areas of: Pipeline Incident Review and Application of Best Practices and Technology.  Core to the Council’s resolution will be the sharing of operator actions in response to events and their experience from adoption of new technologies and processes. The Council will encourage and support smart practices and lessons learned in an open, collegial and learning environment.


  • The ultimate deliverable of the Council is to develop and foster an environment of sharing and learning among industry participants resulting in the operation of the natural gas delivery infrastructure without incidents.
  • Commitment to safety as a critical component to continuously improving the industry’s operational and financial performance.
  • Pursue the improvement of knowledge management to ensure members learn from past incidents, experiences and current practices.
  • Commitment to expanding integrity management standards beyond regulatory requirements.
  • Educate stakeholders to understand the importance and value of reducing risk and improving pipeline safety.
  • Feb 2021– SGA’s Pipeline Safety Council announces the opening of application to participate in PSMS Tactical Guides


The Council will meet as necessary to assure the mission is accomplished and deliverables are completed.

Success Definition

  • Incident Free natural gas delivery system
  • Continuous pipeline safety improvement.
  • Compliance with current regulatory requirements and exceeding requirements to ensure safety.
  • Knowledge Management through industry wide communications of current practices and post-incident actions.
Steven Criag Yehle, Vice Chair

Director, Gas Transmission
Xcel Energy

Anthony James Moy, Member

Gas Engineering Manager
CPS Energy

Bill DeFoor, Member

Director - Regulatory Compliance
Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia

Brian Langille, Member

Gas System Assistant Director
Clearwater Gas System

Brian Patrick Lenhart III, Member

Group Leader, Gas CRM Engineering
LG&E and KU Energy LLC

Celesta Miracle, SGA Staff Liaison

Senior Manager of Committee Strategy
Southern Gas Association

Chris Lason, Member

Vice President
Energy Transfer

Clint Ratke, Member

Manager - Pipeline Safety
Williams Companies

Craig Hoeferlin, Member

Vice President of Operations
Spire Missouri Inc.

Dave Durgin, Member

Director, Natural Gas Division
City of Orangeburg, SC

Farris Berry, Member

Manager-Pipeline Safety
Piedmont Natural Gas

Jeff Sylvester, Member

Sr. Vice President, Gas Operations
Florida Public Utilities Co.

Jeffrey Pollock, P.E., Member

TC Energy USA Pipeline Services, LLC

Jennifer Reis, Member

VP Pipeline Safety
Atmos Energy Corporation

Jeremy Troutman, Past Chair

Director, Integrity and Reliability
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Inc.

Jon S. Russell, Member

Safety & Regulatory Compliance Coordinator
Clearwater Gas System

Mark Aaron Harris, Member

Manager, Crisis Management
Atlanta Gas Light

Royce A. Brown, Member

Energy Transfer (Enable Midstream Partners)

Sean Blair, P.E., Member

Managing Director Transmission Operations
ONE Gas, Inc.

Stanwood Given, Member

Director of Pipeline Safety
Summit Utilities, Inc.

Suzanne Ogle, SGA Staff Liaison

Southern Gas Association

Thomas Correll, Member

Senior Director Pipeline Safety and Risk
Northern Natural Gas

Thomas V. Wooden, Jr., Member


SGA Staff Liaisons

Suzanne Ogle
President & CEO, SGA | President, GMRC