Asset Management

Control Room Mgt


Chair: Alex Grewach, Spire

Vice Chair:  Brian Patrick Lenhart III, LG&E and KU Energy LLC


The purpose of the Control Room Management Committee is to provide opportunities to share in experiences, lessons learned, challenges, and successes of SGA member companies. This committee focuses on the safe, effective, and efficient operations of control room facilities, including communications, standards, regulations, processes, technologies, etc.

Who We Are? Gas control employees in the natural gas industry.

What We Do? Engage and build a community within this peer group to facilitate the exchange of information.

Where We Meet? The  Committee meets in person at planning meetings and conferences, and for monthly committee calls.


  • Brian Patrick Lenhart III, First Vice Chair | LG&E and KU Energy LLC
  • Vickie Cain, Member | Williams Companies
  • Wallace B McGaughey, Jr., Associate Committee Member | ENTRUST Solutions Group
  • Trish Thomason, Associate Committee Member | Integrity Solutions Ltd
  • Tiffany Buffington, Member | BHE GT&S
  • Robert S Spaniel, Member | Equitrans Midstream Corporation
  • Michael Knight, Member | Dominion Energy Ohio
  • Maria F Dorelien, Member | TECO Energy, Inc.
  • Joshua K Hunkele, Member | Dominion Energy Ohio
  • John C Segsworth, Member | TC Energy USA Pipeline Services, LLC
  • John Jobe, Member | Summit Utilities, Inc.
  • Dustin M Burch, Member | Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Inc.
  • David Stobb, Associate Committee Member | DNV
  • Christine C. Quinn, Member | TECO Peoples Gas
  • Chuck Thompson, Member | New Mexico Gas Company
  • Brianne Knierman, SGA Staff Liaison | Southern Gas Association
  • Andrew Donato, Member | Piedmont Natural Gas
  • Aaron Richardson, Member | Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Inc.
  • Alex Grewach, Chair | Spire