5 Reasons to Support SGA Programs & Events in 2022


Sponsoring SGA puts your brand front and center of your current and future customers. Multiple marketing channels will be utilized to promote your brand and the higher the sponsor level, the more visibility you receive. Marketing includes multiple mass e-marketing campaigns, logo on website, and social media mentions before, during, and after the program.



Not only will an SGA sponsorship help you stand out from the competition, but you will gain opportunities to engage one on one with people looking for relevant product solutions. SGA membership spans all segments of the natural gas industry to best target your ideal audience. Our Sponsor Representative, Tina Hamlin, will work with SGA partners to determine the ideal events, locations and marketing channels to offer the most value to elevate your brand.



It has been proven that customers believe your business is more reliable and reputable if you sponsor organizations like SGA. 98% of consumers have been known to share social content at events & experiences.

This social content can enhance your brand’s image during and after the event by tagging and re-sharing this content to your company’s social media page. Customers have a positive perception of brands that provide event content and experiences.



SGA programs will provide you access to qualified customers. Developing a business connection has been proven to help build brand loyalty. SGA events also are a great way to find non-competing businesses that you can collaborate with on future projects.



Participating as a program sponsor is about starting quality relationships. The goal is to leave with leads to follow up on afterward and to have your company name remain on the minds of attendees well after the event.

The rewards of event sponsorship are endless if you also put in the effort to build connections and do your part to jointly market your participation as a sponsor of an event.


2022 SGA Sponsorship Brochure


We invite you to look over the 2022 SGA Sponsor Brochure to explore the innovations that SGA is providing in the way of sponsorship opportunities. The products, support, and technology that our sponsoring companies provide are instrumental in fueling the flame that supplies a clean, renewable energy source. 

We look forward to working with you to customize an annual sponsorship program that meets your marketing goals while also supporting the SGA community and mission.

For more information, please contact Tina Hamlin, Corporate Partner and Sponsor Ambassador.