Executive Council

Providing insight to SGA for development and evolution of its executive initiatives


Evolve executive initiatives to align with member needs

The Executive Council was founded in 2001 to provide insight to SGA for use in development and evolution of its executive initiatives so that they are properly aligned with member company needs and provide governance to the section managing committees.  The council evaluates issues and challenges and makes recommendations to the SGA Board of Directors while working closely with the Section Managing Committees Leaders on activity plan tactics for addressing identified challenges and opportunities.

The Executive Council typically addresses one or more major topics impacting our industry and its members. In the past those topics have included (1) how the infrastructure held up during very cold periods (2) advocacy for the gas industry on various topics (3) changes in demand drivers for various segments of the customer base.  The council has produce SWOT Analysis for SGA and white papers over the years and members are strong advocates for SGA’s Natural Gas Champions Program.  A review of prior year’s work is below:

To learn more about becoming a member of this council contact  volunteer@southerngas.org.

SGA Staff Liaisons

Suzanne Ogle
President & CEO, SGA | President, GMRC
Celesta Miracle
Sr. Director of Finance