Asset Management



Past Chair: Stephen Eugene Adams, TC Energy USA Pipeline Services, LLC

SGA Committee Manager: Brianne Knierman, Southern Gas Association


SGA’s Compression committee focuses on safe, reliable, effective and efficient application of automation and controls in midstream, transmission and distribution facilities. They also manage training and education relevant to this interest group.

Areas of Focus: Cyber Security, PLC & DCS Systems, ESD and Shunt Trip, Control System Networking, Auxiliary System Automation, Fire and Gas Detection, Wireless Devices and Controls, Human Machine Interface, Over-Pressure Protection, Engine/Motor/Turbine Controls, Safety Instrumented Systems, Hazardous Area Locations, Device Testing, Control of Main Line Valves, Compressor Station & Unit Reliability, Fuel Optimization.

Who We Are? Natural gas employees dealing with automation and controls within their respective companies.

What We Do? Engage and build a community within this peer group to facilitate the exchange of information.

Where We Meet? The committee meets at planning meetings, conferences and monthly committee calls.


  • Andrew Corey, Member | Atmos Energy Corporation
  • Billy Remore, Member | TC Energy USA Pipeline Services, LLC
  • Brian Bertelsen, Associate Member | Zahroof Valves Inc.
  • Chad White, Member | LG&E and KU Energy LLC
  • Christopher Michael Scurlock, Member | TC Energy USA Pipeline Services, LLC
  • David Amerson, Associate Member | Amerson Engineering and Controls
  • David Bischof, Member | LG&E and KU Energy LLC
  • Gordon Sullivan, Member | Boardwalk Pipelines
  • Jeff Lutke, Associate Member | Dual Drive Technologies
  • Jonathan Price, Member | LG&E and KU Energy LLC
  • Mike McMullen, Member | Shell Lubricants
  • Omar Jimenez, Associate Member | Compressor Engineering Corp.
  • Seth Sneller, Member |
  • Stephen Eugene Adams, Past Chair | TC Energy USA Pipeline Services, LLC
  • Brianne Knierman, SGA Committee Manager | Southern Gas Association