ESG & Corporate Services

Supply Chain


Co-Chair: Angela Burnett, ONE Gas, Inc.

Co-Chair: David P. Johnson, Atmos Energy Corporation

Vice Chair: Stephanie Wang, Southern Company Gas


The purpose of the Supply Chain Committee is to provide opportunities to share in experiences, lessons learned, challenges, and successes of SGA member companies. This committee focuses on supplier diversity and all activities involving the procurement, storing, handling, and disposal of materials used by SGA member companies.

Who We Are?  Natural Gas Industry who are strategic thinkers, leaders, and decision makers within member companies.

What We Do? Educate, develop and advance the Supply Chain & Diversity Management professionals in our industry through benchmarking strategies and driving best practice.  Our vision is for SGA to be a leading organization in the industry by advancing Supply Chain & Diversity professionals’ knowledge through training, networking, membership and ethical business practices.

Where We Meet? The group meets virtually through webinars, in person at planning meetings and conferences, and for monthly committee calls.


  • Ty Samples, Associate Committee Member | Mammoth Carbon Products, LLC
  • Ray Brown, Associate Committee Member | Pipeline Equipment, Inc.
  • Michelle Trapp, Associate Committee Member | Sensus
  • Chris Wykle, Associate Committee Member | Sensus
  • William G. Wathen, Member | Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Inc.
  • Twanna Hardy, Member | Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline Inc.
  • Thomas A. Schaller, Member | Spire
  • Steven Karolewski, Associate Committee Member | GROEBNER
  • Taylor Jordan Konovalski, Member | Atmos Energy Corporation
  • Stephanie Wang, First Vice Chair | Southern Company Gas
  • Riley Medill, Member | ONE Gas, Inc.
  • Randy VanWynsberghe, Member | CenterPoint Energy
  • Nazie Hamedani, Member | Washington Gas
  • Martin E Finley, Member | Summit Utilities, Inc.
  • Mason Timmons, Associate Committee Member | GF Central Plastics
  • Maurie Bedwell, Member | Boardwalk Pipelines
  • Levi Ender, Associate Committee Member | Border States
  • Joshua McLeod, Member | Spire
  • Karen L. Ashwell, Associate Committee Member | MRC Global
  • Jeffrey A. Higdon, Member | Boardwalk Pipelines
  • Jason Davis, Associate Committee Member | ScottMadden, Inc.
  • Garrett Shuman, SGA Staff Liaison | Southern Gas Association
  • Hayden Michael Peer, Associate Committee Member | Allan Edwards
  • Heidi Frisbie, Associate Committee Member | Tecvalco USA
  • Eric Barton, Member | CenterPoint Energy
  • David P. Johnson, Co-Chair | Atmos Energy Corporation
  • Dan Patino, Member | Energy Transfer
  • Billy Rice, Member | Dominion Energy
  • Angela Burnett, Co-Chair | ONE Gas, Inc.
  • Bethany Marshall, Member | ONE Gas, Inc.