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A Message from
Scott Hallam

2024 SGA Board Chair & President and COO, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners

My efforts will be focused on creating the long-term infrastructure and technology to deliver affordable, resilient clean energy. The key to achieving that goal is creating broader awareness of careers in energy to enable stronger recruiting results in all the communities the energy industry serves, while nurturing a diversified and skilled workforce and then putting their passion and creativity to work. In addition, leveraging the SGA’s well-respected technical and leadership training ensures the industry shares best practices and lessons learned while driving the innovation required for a net-zero energy system.

Working collaboratively and methodically with our energy allies and regulatory stakeholders to integrate emerging fuels such as RNG, Certified Natural Gas, and hydrogen, we can hasten the framework of the future energy system. Our ability to work together faithfully and safely to serve the communities we serve today while innovating is essential. Southern Gas Association is the key to both of these. I look forward to serving the organization.


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