Stepping Forward:
Clean Energy Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Step forward and expand the energy conversation

A Message from
Steve Lindsey

2022 SGA Board Chair &
Executive Vice President, COO Spire

The natural gas industry has a long history of innovation and finding new ways to provide reliable, affordable energy to communities across the United States and the world.


“Stepping Forward: Clean Energy Today for A Brighter Tomorrow” is more than a theme — it defines taking our efforts to the next level — working together and finding new ways to deliver the energy customers rely on while underscoring the important role of natural gas in a sustainable energy future.


As we build energy solutions that will create a brighter tomorrow, it’s important to remember where we came from, where we stand today and look forward to where we are headed. Natural gas plays a key role in helping customers save money on energy in their homes and efficiently fuels industry in communities across the country. And while demand for natural gas continues to grow, we’ve seen a dramatic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


As we step forward, let’s reinforce what we’ve done well, while ensuring the natural gas industry continues to evolve to better serve our customers and protect our environment.


I encourage you to join me as we create a brighter tomorrow.


Get involved!

Empower your colleagues

Natural gas professionals are the best ambassadors for our industry. Let's be sure everyone engaged in our organizations knows how to share the facts about natural gas and its benefits. Check out Natural Gas Champions for some great tools!

Educate your community

Whether it is at city hall, on social media, or the checkout line, whenever offered the opportunity, be ready to share your natural gas story.

Stay informed

When energy discussions are happening in your community, tune in and speak up.

Share on social media channels

Follow and use the #expandtheenergyconversation on Social Media. SGA will provide you with all the social media assets you need to take part in this important initiative

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