Gas Operator


At SGA, a Gas Operator Membership is more than just a collective group of innovators and champions for the natural gas industry— it’s the premier place that fuels relevancy and thought leaders facilitating training and important conversations about the issues that face our industry.

Operating Membership

Whether you’re in distribution, transmission, gas supply marketing or municipal, Gas Operator members enjoy unparalleled benefits at SGA. Gas Operator members enjoy extensive benefits including networking opportunities with peers and industry experts, reduced registration fees at SGA conference and training programs, committee eligibility and more.

Become a member

For organizations functioning as a gas distributor or operator of gas distribution facilities, or both gas distribution and transmission facilities. SGA Membership dues are based on operating income.


For organizations operating gas transmission facilities without major distribution facilities. SGA Membership dues are based on operating income.

Gas Supply Marketing

For organizations whose principle gas business is operating as a producer or marketer of natural gas. SGA Membership dues is a flat fee.


For a single administrative division having corporate status and powers of self-government or jurisdiction as granted by national and regional laws to which it is subordinate. (i.e., a city, town, or other district). SGA Membership dues are based on meter count.

Featured Members

SGA's Gas Operator Membership is comprised of more than 200 member organizations.

Frequently Asked questions

Apply for a membership here or reach out to SGA’s Member Services Team at or by (972) 620-8505.


Our gas operator members enjoy benefits such as:

  • Networking opportunities that can form strong partnerships with peers and industry experts
  • Unlimited access to member directory to stay connected with industry experts
  • Opportunity to be awarded credential’s and/or certificates
  • Subscription to SAG’s Enewsletters and early release of industry white papers, etc
  • Reduced registration fees at SGA conference and training programs
  • Access to on demand resources and tools through SGA CAMPUS member-only site
  • Access to VIP exclusive events
  • Eligible to participate in Mutual Aid & Assistance Program
  • Eligible to serve on 50+ committees
  • Eligibility to serve as industry instructor/presenter
  • Eligible for recognition and awards programs for contributions to the industry
  • Eligible of one seat to serve on SGA’s Board of Directors, Executive Council, Pipeline Safety Council and/or Inclusion & Diversity Council
  • Use of SGA Campus for job
  • Exclusive access to members-only online forums and annual sponsorship packages


Cost depends on the type of membership. For Distribution and Transmission members, cost is based on operating income. For Gas Supply Marketing members, cost is a flat fee. For Municipal members, cost is based on the number of meters.

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