Columbus, Ohio

Advanced Inline Inspection

In-Person Workshop | December 5–8, 2023

Event Summary

This workshop provides operations and maintenance engineers in pipeline companies with the knowledge to establish and manage an ILI program that contributes optimum value toward improved pipeline integrity.

Registration will be limited to 30 people to optimize the interaction between instructors and attendees. 


Attendees will receive 22 Professional Development Hours (PDH) upon completion

Learning Objectives

At the completion of the workshop, the student will be able to:

  • Select the appropriate intelligent pig(s) for the potential defects in a pipeline
  • Critically review results from a pipeline inspection project
  • Use the information from an intelligent pig run to develop an appropriate repair, replacement, remediation program
  • Set out relevant issues in contract documents

Will know:

  • The principles of design and operation of key systems and parts of an intelligent pig: sensors; signal processing; storage; power source; markers
  • The advantages and disadvantages of competing technologies
  • The defects that intelligent pigs currently do not detect or size well
  • The attributes of manual and automated data analysis processes
  • The range of sensing technologies currently applied in intelligent pigs
  • How an intelligent pigging program contributes to pipeline integrity
  • How to prioritize pipeline sections for inspection using basic risk analysis techniques
  • Fundamentals of defect assessment – how to prioritize repair and replacement
  • The precision and accuracy of various inspection techniques
  • The implications of incorporating intelligent pigging information into an integrated pipeline integrity information system
  • About the influence of pig inspection speed and the use of speed control on pigs

Will know where to find:

  • Intelligent pigs that are available on the market
  • Pipeline failure statistics
  • Pipeline failure case studies
  • Regulatory requirements regarding the use of intelligent pigs


Prior Knowledge Recommendations

  • Basic pipeline operations
  • Basic NDT understanding


Who Should Attend

Operations and maintenance engineers and senior technicians in pipeline operating or owning companies responsible for in-line inspections using intelligent pigs.

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Credly Digital Badge

Level 3 Natural Gas Industry Inline Inspection Expert

SGA has partnered with Credly, the leader in digital credentials, to certify the recipients have a dynamic understanding of establishing and managing an inline inspection program that contributes optimum value toward improved pipeline integrity. They have a working knowledge of the following: principles of design and operation of key systems of an intelligent pig, attributes of data analysis processes, prioritizing for inspection, repair and replacement assessments, inspection efficiency and speed control of pigs.


Level 3 Natural Gas Industry Inline Inspection Experts with this credential must have completed the prerequisite of Southern Gas Association’s Practical Inline Inspection course in addition to Advanced Inline Inspection. Additionally, they must be currently employed and have professional, technical or field exposure that is directly attributed to the natural gas industry.

Meet Your Instructors:

Bruce Nestleroth

Thomas Bubenik

Michael Rosenfeld

Matt Romney

McKenzie Kissel

Matthew Ellinger

Lucinda Smart

Anne Schniederbruns

Simon Slater

Stefan Vages

Benjamin Hanna

Miguel Irigoyen


From 12-05-2023 8:00 am EST until 12-08-2023 12:15 pm EST


Columbus Ohio

Registration Information
Member $2,310
Member (3-5 company employees) $1,964 each
Member (6+ company employees) $1,848 each
Non-Member $2,860
Non-Member (3-5 company employees) $2,431 each
Non-Member (6+ company employees) $2,288 each

3% fee applied if paying by a credit card

Who can attend?

This event follows the SGA Cancellation Policy “B” when cancellation is required.


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