Who Can Attend SGA Events & Conferences?

Southern Gas Association events are open to members and non-members who operate in at least one of the following categories:

  1. DISTRIBUTION Members and non-member organizations functioning as a gas distributor or operator of gas distribution facilities, both gas distribution and transmission facilities, or municipality.
  2. TRANSMISSION Members and non-member organizations operating gas transmission facilities without major distribution facilities.
  3. GAS SUPPLY MARKETING Members and non-members whose principal gas business is operating as a producer or marketer of natural gas.
  4. ASSOCIATE Members and non-members defined as corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies or individually-operated concerns that are: (a) Manufacturers or distributors of equipment or apparatus useful to the gas industry; or (b) Consulting engineers, attorneys, financial advisors, rate consultants, public accountants, service organizations, or technical journal publishers or others not eligible for other membership classifications that are closely associated with and regularly render service to the gas industry.