June 11, 2024

Intro to Human & Organizational Performance (HOP): Transforming from Safety 1 to Safety 2

Virtual, Instructor-Led

Event Summary

One of the biggest challenges for safety leaders in our industry and others, is to leverage the
beliefs and behaviors of employees to remove variables from their work that drive employees
into making poor or less-than-desirable decisions. Although, statistically speaking, safety
programs have been improving in most industries over the years, fatal and serious
incidents/events have not. That’s why we are now starting to see a trend of organizations
making a philosophical shift away from Behavior Based Safety (BBS) programs towards Hu-man
and Organizational Performance (HOP) programs because you can’t continue to do the same
things over and over again, expecting different outcomes.

This presentation is guaranteed to challenge your beliefs about safety in a positive way. The
1st half of the presentation will focus on understanding why a philosophical transformation from BBS to HOP is needed. The second half is focused on sharing personally selected HOP tools
that the presenter thinks will be useful in building and supporting a foundation for an
organizational transformation from Safety 1 to 2 or from one philosophy to another. The
audience will be exposed to a New Pathway of looking at Safety and Organizational
Performance because Significant Injuries & Fatalities (SIFs) are not trending in the right
direction and they can be extremely debilitating to organizations, not to mention the family
members, friends, and co-workers involved. The ultimate goal for such a transformation is to
build organizational resilience by designing systems that allow people to fail safely and develop
a view that expecting perfection from workers, processes, and procedures is unrealistic.


Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to Human and Organizational Performance
  • Help the audience understand why a philosophical shift (transformation) in safety is
  • Introduce the audience with tools to help them build organizational resilience



Meet Your Instructor

Paul S. Hurysz, Jr., MBA, CSP

Manager, Human Performance Safety Consulting Services | Davey Resource Group

Paul has earned multiple degrees and honors throughout his 36 year career, including a BS in
Forestry Wildlife from La. Tech University, MBA from University of Houston Clear Lake, and a
BS in Occupational Health and Safety from Columbia Southern University. Other certifications
and honors include ISA Certified Arborist and Utility Specialist, BCSP Certified Safety
Professional, the UAA Will Nutter Safety Shield Award, and the UAA Utility Arborist Award.
Paul’s operational and industry experience span more than 3 decades of efforts. Those
experiences include working for CenterPoint Energy and Duke Energy. After retiring from Duke,
Paul now serves the industry by managing Davey Resource Groups newly formed Hu-man Performance Safety Consulting Services team where his primary goal is to find ways to make safety simple while solving problems that matter. Lastly, Paul is also well known in the industry for his volunteer efforts to make a difference by having served on 3 different UVM industry boards as a director, committees, and in leadership roles over the span of his career: SGA,
UAA, FVMA, and the TVMA.


From 06-11-2024 9:00 am CST until 06-11-2024 10:30 am CST



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