Natural Gas Champions: January 24 & 26, 2023
Intro to the Natural Gas Industry: February 22, 2023

Onboard 2023:
Natural Gas Champions & Intro to the Natural Gas Industry

Virtual, Instructor-Led

Onboard 2023 will feature Natural Gas Champions + Introduction to the Natural Gas Industry, essential training for natural gas employees. Members and Non-Members will receive a discount when enrolling for both courses at once.





The natural gas industry is facing increased attention from a variety of interest groups that have concerns with natural gas and the hydrocarbon energy industry. SGA has designed a robust program to prepare natural gas industry employees to respond to questions about the industry and the concerns expressed. Now is the time more than ever to pull together natural gas industry professionals to ensure we are telling a compelling story to reinforce natural gas as part of the low carbon future. This webinar equips you to better understand the core basics of the natural gas industry, and more importantly, how to engage in those casual yet crucial conversations.

This course will take place for 2 hours each on 2 days:

  • January 24 & 26: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM, CST

Attendees will receive 4 Professional Development Hours (PDH) and Natural Gas Champions Badge upon completion.

Attendees will learn:

  • About the benefits natural gas provides to customers, the general public, and the country,
  • How to identify the concerns individuals and interest groups have with fossil fuels in general and natural gas in particular, as well as how the industry is responding to those concerns
  • Why clean, efficient natural gas is critical for a low carbon future
  • Effective, proven methods to communicate in a positive way to the more than 50% of the country that are persuadable with facts, figures and stories.



This course is designed for energy company employees at all levels regardless of department or discipline. In particular, any employee who regularly interacts with the public or that desires to engage in positive communications about natural gas with family, friends and neighbors.



Credly Digital Badge

Natural Gas Champion

SGA has partnered with Credly, the leader in digital credentials, to certify that recipients understand the fundamentals of the natural gas industry and have gained the tools necessary to engage in crucial conversations about the benefits natural gas provides to customers, the general public and the country. Champions can identify individual and interest group concerns and have practiced responding to those concerns.

Adding the Natural Gas Champions digital badge to your LinkedIn profile demonstrates your commitment to learning and communicating the vital role that natural gas plays in a lower carbon future.


Meet the Instructor

Bill Cantrell

With more than 40 years of experience, Bill has become a trusted leader across the energy industry and developed a passion for working to advance the field. Before joining SGA, Bill was president and chief executive officer at SourceGas, now part of Black Hills Corp., an SGA member company. In 2009, he led SGA as chairman of the board of directors. Bill worked for TECO Energy for over 34 years, with the last 12 years serving as President of Peoples Gas. He received a Master of Business Administration from the University of Tampa and a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.


This workshop provides practical information about the natural gas industry. A broad range of subjects will be covered, from exploration and production to the latest technology and issues impacting the industry.

This course will be held February 22, 9:00 AM, CST–12:00 PM, CST. Attendees will receive 3 Professional Development Hours (PDH) and Level 1 Natural Gas Professional Badge upon completion.



  • Overview of the Natural Gas Industry
  • Understanding of the major regulatory bodies & trade associations
  • Process overview of natural gas exploration, production, pipeline transmission & operations
  • Natural Gas Markets & the ratemaking process insights
  • Industry Segments- producers, pipelines, gas supply marketers & local distribution companies
  • Exploration & production
  • The natural gas pipeline transportation system
  • Local distribution company LDC operators
  • Regulatory agencies- local, state & federal
  • LDC sales & marketing
  • Environmental & safety issues
  • Common terms, definitions & acronyms
  • Future trends in the energy industry



Anyone new to the natural gas industry or new to a job function, or anyone needing an overview of the gas industry will benefit by attending.


Credly Digital Badge

Level 1 Natural Gas Industry Professional

SGA has partnered with Credly, the leader in digital credentials, to certify the recipients have a fundamental understanding of the natural gas industry. They have a demonstrated, working knowledge of major regulatory bodies and trade associations, upstream, midstream and downstream processes, natural gas markets and generalities of the ratemaking activities, industry-specific segments, exploration and production, utilities, environmental and safety standards, and future trends in the energy industry.


To earn this badge, participants must have successfully completed Southern Gas Association’s Introduction to the Natural Gas Industry course. Additionally, they must be employed or be enrolled in an educational program with professional, technical, or field exposure that is directly attributed to the natural gas industry.


Meet the Instructor

Suzanne Ogle
President & CEO
Southern Gas Association

Suzanne Ogle is President and CEO of the Southern Gas Association.  As CEO she helps SGA members overcome the challenges, they face operating in the natural gas industry and navigating public perception.  With her entrepreneurial mindset and wide range of experience across the natural gas value chain from service, to exploration and production, midstream and transmission she focuses on business process, optimization and effective communication to prepare the SGA members for resilience and innovation in an industry in transition.

Suzanne is an Accredited Public Relations and Certified Investor Relations professional.  She holds an Advanced Marketing certificate from Southern Methodist University, as well as Finance Management, Business Analytics and Change Management certificates from Cornell University and an Executive Leadership for Energy Professionals certificate from the University of Houston. She received a Master of Education in educational psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in business marketing from California Lutheran University.

CORE Development Program

This course is part of our CORE, Career Onboarding & Refresher Training, program. This 4-course, discounted program is designed for new and existing energy company employees. Choose from 6 SGA courses (live, in-person and on-demand) to round out your ideal program.

Check out our CORE Training page to save $200 in enrollment fees with this program plus, attendees have the flexibility to choose when they complete the four courses throughout the year.


From 01-24-2023 9:00 am CST until 02-22-2023 12:00 pm CST


Registration Information
Member (NGC Only) $280
Member (INGI Only) $440
Member (Both Classes) $650
Non-Member (NGC Only) $390
Non-Member (INGI Only) $570
Non-Member (Both Classes) $890

3% fee applied if paying by a credit card

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