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Monitoring, Mapping & Modeling for PPL Resilience

Virtual, Instructor-Led

Event Summary

This course delves into the crucial aspects of monitoring, mapping, and modeling for enhancing the resilience of pipeline systems. Participants will explore advanced techniques and technologies that contribute to effective pipeline integrity management, ensuring robust performance in various operational conditions.

Course Objectives

  • Advanced Monitoring Techniques
  • Geospatial Mapping Mastery
  • Dynamic Modeling Proficiency
  • Resilience Enhancement Strategies
  • Regulatory Compliance

Learning Objectives

  • Utilization of Monitoring Technologies
  • Geospatial Mapping Application
  • Dynamic System Simulation
  • Resilience Assessment
  • Regulatory Adherence

From 04-30-2024 10:00 pm CST until 04-30-2024 11:00 pm CST



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