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How to Conduct Skilled Performance Evaluations Workshop


Workshop Description

This one-day workshop allows individuals that work in Natural Gas Distribution Operations, Gas Transmission Pipeline, Gas Gathering, and Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Systems to discover effective skill evaluation principles through classroom discussion and analyzing industry-related case studies.

Class discussion along with the case studies focus on the Evaluator/Employee dynamic during OQ or other skill evaluations that address an employee’s technical skill performance. The assessment techniques allow Evaluators to prepare and review performance of OSHA Safety, Operator Qualification, or Technical Training skill evaluation by observing the performance of tasks consistently and objectively. Additionally, the appropriate use of questions, recognize and avoid barriers to effective evaluation; evaluate acceptable task competence and documentation practices aid in the evaluation of technical competence. Case studies are created specifically for natural gas distribution, transmission, and gathering environments, including:

  • Testing Regulators
  • Bi-monthly Rectifier Inspection
  • Damage Prevention: Locate & Mark Pipeline and Excavations
  • Testing Turbine Meters
  • Test Point Readings
  • Install Home Service Line – Excess Flow Valves
  • Construction Inspection-Lower-in & Backfilling


Attendees will qualify for 5 Professional Development Hours (PDH) upon completion.


Who Should Attend

  • Anyone planning to be an OQ Evaluator

Experienced Instructor

Tom Pendleton, PenEdu Learning, LLC

Tom E. Pendleton is the President and CEO of PenEdu Learning, LLC, a training solutions provider.  Prior to forming PenEdu Learning, Tom worked 38 years for a Houston based energy company, CenterPoint Energy, Inc.  During Tom’s industry career he was involved in the natural gas distribution, gas transmission (pipeline), hazardous liquid pipeline, processing plant (fractionation) operations, petroleum marketing crude and gas liquids, Chemicals, Transportation, Risk Management, Environmental (air, water, waste), OSHA Safety, and Technical Training.  For the past 17 years, Tom has been responsible for Workforce Development, Technical Skills Training, and Operator Qualification.  Additionally, Tom directed an Internet-based training company, creating and marketing online training.


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Who can attend?

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