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Introduction to Environmental Regulations in the Natural Gas Industry

Virtual, Instructor-Led


This class provides a basic regulatory understanding of the environmental regulations that directly affect the natural gas industry.

The Natural gas industry includes a wide range of operations, facilities, and equipment from exploration and production wells to natural gas gathering lines and processing facilities to compression stations and storage facilities to transmission and distribution pipelines.  Consequently, there are a wide range of different environmental laws, regulations and programs that apply to these various components of the natural gas industry.  This class is intended to provide a basic overview and understanding of the regulatory universe, as well as different regulatory programs applicable to the natural gas industry.

The class includes a copy of the Layman’s Guide to Environmental Regulations in the Natural Gas Industry.

Attendees will receive 2 Professional Development Hours (PDH) upon completion.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the use and familiarity of SGA’s Laymen’s Guide to Environmental Regulations in the Natural Gas Industry.
  • Gain knowledge of the regulatory framework and environmental compliance in the natural gas industry.
  • Grow confidence by learning best practices and strategies for environmental compliance in natural gas operations.
  • Identifying and mitigating risks associated with the natural gas industry’s value chain.
  • Understanding the importance of compliance as it relates to environmental, social, and governance responsibilities.


Who Should Attend:

New to the industry, professionals that want a better understanding of the basic regulatory landscape that impacts the industry.


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Meet Your Instructors

Suzanne Ogle
President and CEO, Southern Gas Association

Suzanne Ogle is President and CEO of the Southern Gas Association.  As CEO she helps SGA members overcome the challenges, they face operating in the natural gas industry and navigating public perception.  With her entrepreneurial mindset and wide range of experience across the natural gas value chain from service, to exploration and production, midstream and transmission she focuses on business process, optimization and effective communication to prepare the SGA members for resilience and innovation in an industry in transition.

Suzanne is an Accredited Public Relations and Certified Investor Relations professional.  She holds an Advanced Marketing certificate from Southern Methodist University, as well as Finance Management, Business Analytics and Change Management certificates from Cornell University and an Executive Leadership for Energy Professionals certificate from the University of Houston. She received a Master of Education in educational psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in business marketing from California Lutheran University.


Cindy Mitchell
Vice President of Operations
Southern Gas Association

Cindy Mitchell serves as vice president of operations for the Southern Gas Association (SGA), where she manages the day-to-day functions of the organization. Prior to joining SGA, Cindy spent 20 years of her first career as a county official for Denton County, Texas. When elected, Cindy was the youngest elected county clerk in Texas, serving the 9th most populous county in the United States.  She has served in leadership roles within state associations and the National Association of Counties nationwide.

Upon retiring from the local government, Cindy transitioned into leadership development training and coaching for both local governments and the gas industry, leading her to SGA. “When I was elected, I found that people presenting to me had such limited interest, and it was never mine or my constituents. I will always have a heart for local government officials, and equipping leaders is a passion of mine,” Cindy said, “To be able to offer solutions to local leaders is especially gratifying.” When not working to advance the energy industry, you may find her traveling, spending time with family, or entertaining friends.


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