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Damage Prevention & Pipeline Awareness Roundtable

Virtual, Instructor-Led

Event Summary

Hosted by TPAA, industry leaders and experts will converge to discuss critical topics related to pipeline safety, damage prevention, and public awareness. This roundtable provides a comprehensive overview of best practices, regulatory updates, and the latest technologies in ensuring the integrity of pipeline systems. Participants will engage in meaningful discussions, gaining valuable insights to enhance their understanding of damage prevention strategies and community awareness initiatives.

Course Objectives

  • Regulatory Compliance Mastery
  • Best Practices in Damage Prevention
  • Technological Innovations Awareness
  • Community Outreach and Awareness
  • Incident Response and Mitigation

Learning Objectives

  • Comprehensive Understanding of Pipeline Safety
  • Application of Damage Prevention Strategies
  • Effective Use of Technologies
  • Communication and Community Engagement
  • Incident Management Skills

From 06-30-2024 10:00 pm CST until 06-30-2024 11:00 pm CST



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