CORE Development Program

Equip employees with a better understanding of their industry, their organization, and themselves.

CORE Development Program

Program Overview

This 4-course, discounted program is designed for new and existing energy company employees at all levels regardless of department or discipline, or any individuals wishing to gain an overall understanding of the gas industry. The program is designed to provide a well-rounded foundation in various aspects of the industry, and to provide attendees with an understanding of the part sustainability plays in their organizations. Attendees will also better understand how biases impact their interactions with others and their decision-making. The end state is to equip employees with a better understanding of their industry, their organization, and themselves. Each attendee will be able to customize their experience by choosing any 4 of the 7 available courses to comprise their discounted package.

Key Benefits:

  • Learning the benefits natural gas provides to customers, the general public, and the country and how your organization fits into that system.
  • Effective, proven methods to communicate in a positive way to not only your organizational teammates but also to the public on the industry.
  • Understand how recent trends and actions affect the industry and our organizations, with a look at potential future impacts.
  • A preliminary understanding of the commitment to sustainability as it relates to Environment, Social, and Governance impacts in the gas industry.
  • Identify the impacts of unconscious biases on individuals and their organizations, both personally and professionally.


Available Courses (Pick 4):

Introduction to the Natural Gas Industry

This course provides an overview at a high level of the different sectors of the natural gas industry to move natural gas “from drill bit to burner tip.” It also provides an overview of groups that have concerns for natural gas being utilized in the future. Lastly, there is an intentional focus on creating an elevator speech to concisely and convincingly share the passion that exists within our industry’s workforce.

Natural Gas Champions

As the natural gas industry faces a great deal of increased attention, one thing is abundantly clear: As a nation, the more we use renewables, the more we need natural gas to ensure a strong energy grid. With empirical data and industry trends, SGA offers this fact-filled and action-packed 4-hour program to prepare our industry professionals to respond to questions about the industry.

The Role of Natural Gas in a Sustainable Energy Future

In this one and half hour session, SGA dissects the realities of how we think about our energy – from history, evolution, and innovation to a forward-facing and positive future.

Unconscious Bias – Reframing Bias to Improve Team Dynamics

Explore how the unconscious is a powerful mechanism that can dictate behavior and shape interactions. Left unchecked, they can move or act in an unconscious manner. This may cause unintended harm to others. This class will cultivate the skills needed to advance the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Gaining Community Support for Natural Gas

Natural gas faces multiple challenges. The industry needs its employees to become ambassadors to the public. This presentation provides background on the challenges faced and suggests methods of turning good communications into great communications.

Introduction to ESG

An introduction to Environmental, Social and Governance for the natural gas industry provides an overview of an ESG framework and how it supports a company’s overall risk management. We will look at each component in detail and deliver insight into how those components converge to impact a company and its stakeholders. Whether you’re in distribution, transmission, marketing, E&P or a supplier you will no doubt be faced with a growing interest in ESG and how it informs you or your companies decision-making. The intention of this course is to prepare you with the foundational knowledge needed to respond effectively and help you understand how the stakeholders are using ESG information to conduct due diligence and make investment decisions.

Direct Use of Natural Gas vs. Electrification

The emerging push toward electrification has gained traction in many areas, but is it really a beneficial alternative to the direct use of natural gas? This webinar reviews the background of electrification and examines the impact it would have on efficiency, carbon emissions, and the cost of energy in the U.S. The participant will learn how to communicate in a positive way about the role of natural gas in the future.

CORE Package Pricing

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Non-Member: $799

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What your peers are saying

SGA team did an excellent job on content. Amazing job making this information bite size.
Minerva Wilkerson
ONE Gas, Inc. Employ
I thoroughly enjoyed the Unconscious Bias class. The safe space allowed me to engage fully.
Debbie Smith
Chesapeake Utilities
Great for employees to gain a better understanding of the industry and where we fit in!
Bessie Foster
NiSource Employee