Is the Technical Conference…Too Technical?

As we gear up for the upcoming Technical Conference on Environmental Permitting & Compliance (TCEPC), you might be wondering, “Is this too technical for me?” We want to assure you that the conference is not just for environmental engineers. In fact, it’s designed to be inclusive and beneficial for everyone, including those from various business units.

For our members in different business units, this conference provides a unique opportunity to understand the “why” behind the decisions made by our environmental professionals. As they navigate permitting and compliance, their choices influence what, how, and when our operators can perform certain tasks. Understanding this reasoning is crucial for creating a collaborative and informed team.

The goal of the conference is to enhance your understanding. While the topics may sound complex, each session is structured to leave you with a clearer perspective than when you arrived. We actively encourage questions during sessions to ensure that everyone feels engaged and supported in their learning journey.

For those who are new to the environmental field, we recommend selecting a track that aligns with your interests or impacts your business unit the most. This targeted approach allows you to delve into relevant topics, making the content more accessible and meaningful for you.

Learning Tracks

Environmental Permitting
Air Quality & Compliance

Join us at TCEPC 24 to explore, learn, and network. Let’s foster a better understanding of the “why” together, enhancing our collaboration and effectiveness as a team.

We look forward to seeing you there!