The LINK Q4 2021

The work SGA and our members have been able to accomplish together this past year gives us confidence that we have a bright future ahead of us. Our group of passionate members and professionals are shaping the energy system of tomorrow by connecting the industry’s people, ideas, and information.

Thank you for being a part of this vibrant community. The challenges ahead are real, but among us are some of the hardest working and brightest people in the world. For remarkable goals to be achieved, for tremendous success to be accomplished, a community of professionals must rally together to overcome changing sentiment and a shifting energy landscape. I am convinced that if we, as people, remain connected, we elevate and advance ideas, and we generously share information, we’ll lead the way toward an energy system of the future that is anchored by natural gas. SGA is committed to being a home for this community, a place from which all operators and associates can prepare for, innovate to, and accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable clean energy future, that includes natural gas. The future we are building is exciting! We are glad you are part of this elite team.

In this issue of The LINK, we cover next month’s Technical Conference (in-person or virtual) in Oklahoma City, how to find opportunities in your organization during the Great Resignation, introduce some key additions to the SGA staff and present our 2022 committee members. Finally, learn more about the GoVAC™ Flex System (“GoVAC”) by Onboard Dynamics, an innovative, self-contained system with sophisticated emissions reporting that helps pipeline operators safely reduce methane emissions while attaining environmental goals, in this issue’s case study.