PSMS Tactical Guide Announcement

By SGA's Pipeline Safety Council

Breaking News — SGA’s Pipeline Safety Council announces the opening of application to participate in PSMS Tactical Guides

Southern Gas Association and Northeast Gas Association have partnered on an important PSMS Initiative, 9 Tactical Guides that will help advance safety and operationalize PSMS for field and front-line workers.

Managing the safety of a complex process requires coordinated actions to address multiple, dynamic activities and circumstances. Simple management oversight focused on a single activity or process may not be enough to account for all the variables contributing to safe operations. Thus, SGA kicks off 2021 addressing this need through a joint industry effort with Northeast Gas Association and the Blacksmith Group.

The goal of this partnership is to operationalize PSMS strategy through development and use of operation specific PSMS Tactical Guides and drive individual member cost down through partnership and economy of scale.

 Benefits of Tactical Guides for your company and employees:

  • Providing Front Line Supervisions with practical behavior influencing tools to use in engaging their teams (talking points directly related to their business)
  • Getting back to fundamentals of the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) business model
  • Walking the PSMS talk, living the values, discuss how trusted to work responsibility means doing the right thing, with every action and decision
  • Using practical examples relating back to PSMS elements whenever possible

Join the Program

To sign up or learn more about how your company can join in this effort, contact Suzanne Ogle, or call (281) 639-9410 by Friday, February 26, 2021.

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