July 31, 2023

Committee Information Meeting

Join us for a FREE informational webinar all about the ins and outs of SGA committees!

Event Summary:

Are you looking for an opportunity to discuss business trends, challenges, opportunities and best practices with your peers? Are you ready to develop your leadership skills? Look no further! SGA is thrilled to kick off our Join a Committee campaign, and we invite you to participate in an upcoming informational webinar.


During the quick, focused 30-minute webinar, you will:

  • Get a sneak peek at SGA and discover the breadth of our committees.
  • Understand the compelling reasons why joining an SGA committee is an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth.
  • Learn key factors to consider when deciding which committee aligns best with your interests and goals.
  • Explore the expectations and responsibilities of committee members, ensuring you make an informed commitment.
  • Discover how to join an SGA committee seamlessly and embark on an exciting journey of collaboration and impact.


We have scheduled three different webinar sessions to accommodate your busy schedules. Remember, you only need to attend one webinar session to gather all the information you need.

Available Sessions

To reserve your spot, simply click your preferred session below and fill out the registration form.

JUL 27

12:00-12:30 PM, CT

JUL 31

12:00-12:30 PM, CT


9:00-9:30 AM, CT


From 07-31-2023 12:00 pm CST until 07-31-2023 12:30 pm CST



Registration Information
Members Free

This meeting is available to SGA Members only.

Have any questions? Contact us. memberservices@southerngas.org