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Subscription Tiers

The SGA Web Based Training (WBT) Library provides an opportunity for individuals to receive industrywide training from their desktop through the utilization of a Learning Management System (LMS) (the SGA Campus). Through multiple efforts beginning in late 2013, SGA repackaged previous Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) in to one “core” library of courses for individuals or companies to subscribe to through an annual subscription fee. This subscription fee allows the SGA to continually update existing material in courses as well as add new courses on an annual basis.


SGA Core Online Library Enterprise Subscription

SGA Core LibraryAccess to the core SGA library of online courses including those in the current INGI, Ratemaking, DOT Part 192 and INGTIncluded
UpdatesUpdates to 6 existing courses each yearIncluded
New ContentNew courses will be added to the library each year (up to 4 per year)Included
LMS AccessUse of SGA Learning Management System (LMS) to access core courses or SCORM/AICC files to load into your LMSIncluded
WebinarsAccess to 2 Regulatory Compliance webinars each yearIncluded
Certificate ProgramsThere are currently 4 certificate programs available. Introduction to the Natural Gas Industry, Introduction to Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline System, The Ratemaking Process, and DOT Regulatory Compliance. After completing all the required courses associated with each, the student will be able to print a certificate.Included

The Core Library

The following table shows a list of all courses in the core library. While this matrix shows how they might be grouped to display the target audience, the grouping is almost unlimited based on the needs of individuals.

FocusCourses*Target Audience
Introduction to the Natural Gas Industry (INGI)

  • Industry Participants and Key Players
  • Regulatory Overview
  • li>Natural Gas Exploration & Production
  • The Transmission Pipeline System
  • Gas Transportation Administration
  • The Local Distribution Company (LDC)
  • Sales and Marketing
  • The Ratemaking Process

All employees working in the natural gas industry

  • Course Introduction
  • Strategic Ratemaking
  • Determining Revenue Requirements, Allocating Costs, and Designing Rates – Pipeline Perspective
  • Determining Revenue Requirements, Allocating Costs, and Designing Rates – LDC Perspective
  • Revenue Decoupling Mechanisms and Trends
  • Ratemaking Exercise: The “Van Go” Transportation Service

Employees focused on rate proceedings and those that work with state and federal regulatory bodies in ratemaking efforts.
Introduction to the Natural Gas Transmission Industry (INGT)

  • The Natural Gas Industry
  • Characteristics of Natural Gas
  • Natural Gas Exploration and Production
  • Gas Processing
  • Pipelines and Transmission
  • Compressor Station
  • Natural Gas Storage
  • Transportation and Services
  • Gas Control
  • Uses of Natural Gas
  • Shale Gas Formations in the United States
  • History of Natural Gas Transmission in the U.S.
  • Building a Natural Gas Pipeline
  • Natural Gas Reserves

Everyone working in the transmission and midstream industry.
DOT Compliance

  • History and Navigation of Part 192
  • Key Definitions
  • Gas Pressure Regulation and Overpressure Protection
  • Operations Subpart L
  • Operator Qualification Subpart “N”
  • Plastic Pipe Requirements
  • MAOP Class Location
  • MAOP Testing and Uprating
  • General Construction Requirements
  • Operations Subpart M
  • Corrosion Control
  • Welding of Steel in Pipelines
  • Part 192 Reporting Requirements
  • Odorization of Gas
  • Integrity Management Overview
  • Public Awareness
  • Emergency Plans
  • DIMP

Anyone performing tasks that might be regulated by the Department of Transportation Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Administration (PHMSA) for natural gas related activities.

* Courses may be added and dropped from time to time based on the needs from subscribers. The core library is expected to grow at about 4 courses per year.

Other Online Libraries

SGA offers additional courses that are not part of the core library and are owned by our online course development partners. Those interested should contact Nicolle Billmyre directly for more information. The following WBT courses can be purchased separately.

LicenseDescriptionPurchasing OptionAnnual Price
SGA MemberNon-Member
Meter ReadingThis course will teach the student how to read a gas meter. It is customizable for those with a corporate/enterprise license.Individual
Practical Employee RelationsThis course will teach the student how to maintain a harmonious working environment and minimize the risk of employee relations court cases.Individual
Control Room ManagementThese courses provide a great overview for CRM and a fatigue management overview for both supervisors and controllers.Individual**$55$55

* SGA only has the right to sell to SGA Member companies.

 ** Courses are purchased by credit card through the direct link for individual use (individual account creation required) and can be taken (or retaken) any time within 12 months of the original purchase. A certificate is provided following the completion of the course displaying the percentage pass rate for company records.

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