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SGA Membership:
Contact Amanda Morgan for more information on becoming an SGA Gas Company Member or information on Associate Membership.

SGA Events (Courses, Conferences, Seminars & Workshops):
For a current list of events go to the online Calendar of Events and the announcement link will have additional contact information. The agenda for the event is also linked from the announcement page.

SGA Website Questions/Problems
Contact Member Services with questions, comments or problems with the SGA Website, phone (972)620-4012.

SGA Mailing Lists/Database & Membership Directory
If you would like to add your name to any of our mailing lists, have changes made to your profile or contact information, please contact Member Services.

SGA Distance Learning Network
Contact Veronica Garza for information concerning SGA Network programs or how to become a subscriber.

For more information concerning the Gas Machinery Research Council and any of their programs contact Jane Butler.

All Other Inquiries
Listed below are the SGA Staff and the areas which they can assist you with. Please browse through the list to find the most appropriate SGA Staff member for any of your questions.
Accounting & Finance Committee Courses & Conferences Jane Butler
Associate Members Committee and Activities Jane Butler
Audit/Finance Committee Jane Butler
Commercial / Industrial Sales & Marketing Committee Veronica Garza
Corporate Services Section Managing Committee Jane Butler
SGA Network Programming/ Learning & Development Committee Veronica Garza
Database Management Hala Hluchoweckyj
Distribution Section Managing Committee Randy Randolph
Distribution Technical Training Committee Kent Hobart
Email issues Member Services
Emergency Management Committee Kent Hobart
Environmental Committee, Conference w/Exhibits & Courses Gary Hines
Executive Committee Mike Grubb
Executive Council Mike Grubb
Executive Conference Planning Committee and Conference Gary Hines
Executive Roundtable Mike Grubb
Fall Leadership Conference Kent Hobart
Gas Machinery Research Council & Courses & Conference Jane Butler
Gas Supply Marketing Forum Randy Randolph
Gas Supply Marketing Committee Randy Randolph
Gas Forecasters Kent Hobart
GMRC Board of Directors Mike Grubb
Human Resources Committee, Conferences & Surveys Kent Hobart
Information Technology Committee Courses & Conferences Gary Hines
Introduction to the Natural Gas Industry Course Veronica Garza
Legislative Affairs Committee Kent Hobart
Management Conference Kent Hobart
Marketing Section Managing Committee Veronica Garza
Marketing & Customer Experience Conference Veronica Garza
Membership Amanda Morgan
Membership Directory Veronica Garza or Jake Wagner
Mutual Assistance Plan Kent Hobart (Emergency: 813-917-8952 or 214-226-6113)
Offshore Gas Operations Committee Conference w/Exhibits Gary Hines
Rate Committee Kent Hobart
Pipeline Operations & Engineering Section Managing Committee Gary Hines
Pipeline Technical Training Committee Gary Hines 
Residential Sales & Marketing Committee Veronica Garza
Safety & Health Committee & Conference Kent Hobart
Safety Awards

Kent Hobart

Self-Study Courses (Gas Distribution & Gas Transmission) Member Services
SGA Board of Directors Mike Grubb
SGA Membership Database Hala Hluchoweckyj
SGA Network (General Information) Jake Wagner
Sponsorships and Advertising Opportunities Jane Butler
Supply Chain Committee and Conferences Jane Butler
Video Services/Program Production Natalie Corey
Website Issues Member Services