Codes & Standards: What You Should Know – June 2024

Stay informed with the latest updates in code development and implementation!

This month’s highlights:

  • IECC 2024 Commercial Section Revisions: The International Code Council’s (ICC) proposed revisions in the final draft of the IECC 2024 Residential Section. Key changes to watch for include electric-ready provisions, solar-ready provisions, electric vehicle-ready provisions, and simulated building performance, to name a few.
  • DOE Final Rule for Consumer (Residential) Water Heaters: Learn about the DOE’s final rule for consumer (residential) water heaters. This rule could influence energy efficiency requirements for water heating systems.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star: The EPA Energy Star program has updated its furnace product specifications, setting new benchmarks for energy efficiency in furnaces.
  • International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC) & International Fire Code (IFC): We’ll provide a glimpse into any recent updates or revisions to the IFGC and IFC that may affect gas piping and fire safety regulations in buildings.
  • State Happenings:
    • Illinois: Illinois Future of Gas Proceedings
    • Washington: Washington State House Bill 1589




Stay tuned for further updates and analysis of these developments and more in upcoming issues!

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