The Simple Guide to Nominating for the 2023 SGA Awards

In the dynamic landscape of the natural gas industry, recognition is the key to inspiring innovation and celebrating excellence. The nomination period for the 2023 SGA Awards is open through April 5, 2024, and we’re here to guide you through the straightforward process of putting your team in the spotlight.

Why Nominate?


  1. Get National Recognition:

    An SGA Award isn’t just an accolade; it’s a powerful marketing tool. Being shortlisted or winning can significantly improve brand awareness and open doors to new contracts, supply channels, and markets.

  2. Benchmarking:

    The application process prompts a fresh perspective, allowing you to benchmark your business against peers. Highlight your unique standing in the industry—whether through innovation, diversity, growth, customer service, or strategic thinking.

  3. Increased Credibility:

    A win, shortlisting, or nomination serves as a third-party endorsement. It signifies quality to potential customers and strengthens relationships with suppliers. Differentiate your company and send positive signals to customers.

  4. Employee Motivation:

    SGA Awards recognize hard work, boosting staff morale and motivation. Employees become proud contributors to a company celebrated for its greatness. Attend the awards ceremony for a morale boost and networking opportunities.

  5. Attract Talent:

    An SGA Award enhances your hiring stature, validating your initiatives and making your company more attractive to top talent. Recognized excellence and increased morale retain current employees and attract new recruits.


The Easy Nomination Process:


  1. Choose Your Category:

    Select from seven categories, ranging from Emergency Management to Engineering Innovation, finding the perfect fit for your team’s accomplishments.

  2. Gather Your Materials:

    Compile a summary of your team’s achievements, highlighting the impact on your organization and the industry.

  3. Submit Your Nomination:

    Visit the SGA Awards page and follow the user-friendly nomination form. It only takes a few minutes to share your team’s success story.


Nominate Today, Inspire Tomorrow:

Don’t let your team’s hard work go unnoticed. Nominate them for the 2023 SGA Awards before April 5, 2024, and amplify their impact. The process is quick, and the benefits are immeasurable.


Submit Your Nomination Now!


Let’s celebrate innovation, collaboration, and industry advancement together. Your team deserves the spotlight!