The LINK Q4 2023

In this issue of The LINK, we discuss how to protect ourselves from the abundance of misinformation, preview upcoming 2024 conferences, and more!


What’s new in 2024:

Our 2024 growth engines are strengthening and growing the natural gas industry. We will focus on reliability, operations efficiency, emission reductions, safety, workforce attraction and development, and industry image.

Three pillars will be prominent in our 2024 strategy and incorporated into our high-level resource decisions.

  • Connecting member companies to information and best practices related to the energy future.
  • Enabling and mobilizing your employees to influence their communities at a grassroots level.
  • Equipping your employees to be effective today & in the future.


Distinctive Offerings

  • All-Access Virtual Training Pass: Starting in 2024, SGA will allow our members to access the entire catalog of virtual classes for one flat fee.
  • ANGE Cohort II: The second cohort of ANGE starts in November of 2024; secure your spots now before this cohort fills up.
  • Conference-Curated Content: We will offer specially curated 2024 conference content on-demand. When conference travel is restricted, you will not miss the highlights. This product features on-demand conference content, including keynote speakers and our most in-demand sessions