Power to the Members. Shape the Future of SGA.

Your insights matter! Join us in shaping the future of the natural gas industry by participating in SGA’s annual survey. In just 5-10 minutes, share your thoughts on key areas like member satisfaction, market forces, government actions, workforce, public perception, and more.

As a valued participant, you will not only contribute to industry insights but you will also gain access to the survey data through a convenient dashboard link.

We value and appreciate your time. There will be a token of our gratitude when you complete the survey.

Survey categories:

  1. Member Expected Outcomes and Satisfaction (10 questions)
  2. Market Forces (2 questions)
  3. Government Actions (1 question)
  4. Workforce (1 question)
  5. Public Perception (1 question)
  6. Demographic Information (8 questions)
  7. Committee Experience (5 questions – only applicable if you are currently serving on a committee.)

Thank you for helping us better understand and serve our community!