Building Confidence and Longevity: Why You and Your Workforce Thrive with SGA’s Introduction to the Natural Gas Industry Class

As of January 1, 2023, more than 20% of employees in the natural gas industry have one year or less of experience. This percentage is expected to continue to grow, due to a number of factors, including the growth of the industry, the increasing demand for skilled and technical workers, and the retirement of baby boomers. [i]

I still remember my first day as a natural gas employee—it felt like everything finally fell into place. The job’s excitement, the company’s reputation, and the competitive candidate selection process validated my sense of purpose. In the months that followed, I was submerged in the information I needed to grasp quickly to thrive in this dynamic field.

During my first year, I was introduced to the Southern Gas Association. Shortly thereafter, my learning curve was transformed when I completed SGA’s Introduction to the Natural Gas Industry (INGI) course. Recommended by my mentors and peers, this carefully curated program offers new employees a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Covering exploration, technology, and critical issues facing the energy industry today, INGI empowers participants with the knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of natural gas with confidence.

As a platform for new hires, INGI provides the framework to fulfill career aspirations and embark on meaningful development within the industry. By investing in professional development, employees demonstrate their unwavering commitment to both their employer and the industry as a whole, driving workforce longevity and sustainability. Backed by comprehensive industry knowledge, INGI equips employees to thrive, adapt to change, and become catalysts for positive transformation.

What INGI participants are saying:

“For someone who is new to the natural gas industry and only works in one small subset of it, this is a great class to get a big-picture idea of how the industry works at large and expand my knowledge beyond my day-to-day activities. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone working in the industry, especially those with my experience level.”

“Very well done. Tons of information presented in an understandable manner. Suzanne (instructor) did a great job. Really cool to learn more about Hydrogen, Pigging, and Right-of-Way since those are the guys I support from a finance perspective.”

“Very informative, the delivery of the presentation was excellent.”

“Enjoyed the class, was great to meet others like me who are new and learned SO MUCH!”

“There is a lot of good information during this class that is very helpful in understanding this industry.”

“The class was very informative, it really helped me understand many aspects of the natural gas industry that I wasn’t familiar with.”

In a rapidly evolving industry, embolden yourself or your employees to be at the forefront of innovation and best practices. Start with INGI as your pathway to professional growth and demonstrate your commitment to the natural gas industry. Mention this article, and you and your coworkers will receive 15% off your first INGI workshop.

Learning Pathway

Beginning with Introduction to the Natural Gas Industry, SGA’s Learning and Development team recommends the following learning path to provide off-the-job training during an employee’s first 18 months as a natural gas professional.

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[i] Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022 Labor Force Characteristics, 2022 Report