2022 Executive Conference Recap

Earlier this month, Southern Gas Association held our annual Executive Conference; the industry’s premier education and networking event for C-Suite natural gas leaders. We were excited to connect, collaborate and engage with 150 attendees. Sessions focused on issues key to doing business in the current energy landscape, from the need for bipartisan conversations to opportunities to enable global clean energy, to the mid-term elections.

Below are key takeaways from the conference:

Whole Foods and Cracker Barrel better known as David Wasserman’s “Retail Theory of American Politics.”

David explained the relationship between brand loyalty and voting patterns in elections. He then went on to provide a comprehensive overview of the current political landscape, addressing the issues that will drive voters to the polls, the impact of gerrymandering and redistricting on upcoming elections, and potential candidates for the 2024 presidential election.

Conversations for a brighter future means finding common ground rather than a polarized approach to climate.

Senator Mary Landrieu relayed the importance of politicians and executives working together to find a bipartisan way to address climate change. is a bipartisan organization launched by and Congressman Carlos Curbelo in 2019 with a series of bipartisan, bicameral gatherings of Members of Congress, executives, and scientists at Senator Landrieu’s dining room table with one purpose: to build trust within the climate change community that inspires collaborative efforts to advance the agenda on climate.

The Future of Energy.

Today’s global energy markets are being shaped by two primary forces: macroeconomic factors driving a future rise in world energy demand and global efforts to lower emissions. Affordable, reliable, and ever-clear energy is essential to human progress. Balancing these dynamics is critical to the future of energy markets. Jon Wellinghoff and shared eye-opening visuals and insights as they debated the right energy policies and what’s possible politically and technologically.

A decade for action.

illuminated a real path to net-zero by 2050: leverage and incentivize U.S. LNG to displace coal on a global basis. Equally important, as the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia highlights, it would allow us to provide energy security to our allies while weakening the energy dominance of our adversaries.

Natural Gas is enabling and accelerating America’s energy evolution.

shared work on educating Americans about the important partnership of renewable resources with natural gas to reach our climate goals faster, without sacrificing reliability and affordability.

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