The LINK Q1 2022

When the COVID lockdowns began in early 2020, few of us imagined the long journey ahead. SGA members immediately took action to produce, transport, and deliver natural gas while protecting employees and livelihoods. Since 2020, variants and other factors have sometimes caused us to feel that external influences are one step ahead of every countermeasure we take. Two years later, we are still unwinding the cascading effects of the virus, a new administration, and changing social sentiment.

Today’s complex world requires that we embrace uncertainty and move forward with a direction-setting mindset. As an industry, we must be the shaper of our fate. Shapers define where our space is, go after and defend our place in a clean energy future, and constantly look for opportunities that will reframe tomorrow’s energy mix.

To that end, Southern Gas Association is focused on finding and amplifying the intersections of where natural gas, market, and social priorities intersect. As a result, we see three primary challenges facing our members and the natural gas industry.

  • The first is to produce, transport, and supply natural gas with fewer emissions.
  • The second is managing The Great Resignation.
  • The third is ensuring cost-effective and safe operations.

In this issue of The LINK, we expand on these primary challenges, cover natural gas’ expanded role in the global energy crisis, all things conference-related, and the SEC’s expanded ESG regulations. Finally, learn more about the use of aerial technologies, including LiDAR sensors capable of highly sensitive methane detection to expedite strategic emissions reduction plans in this issue’s case study from Hawkeye Helicopter.

Thank you for your membership and we look forward to serving you this year.