SGA Announces Winners of the Innovative Tech Forum

Dallas, TX – The Southern Gas Association is pleased to announce Campos EPC, LLC, Picarro, e2 Companies and Anax Power as the top four presentations for the 2021 Innovative Tech Forum.

“Congratulations to the winners of our first-ever Innovative Tech Forum, a forum for technology, service, and product innovators, business pioneers, and influencers who are not afraid to lead the way to the future,” said Suzanne Ogle, President and CEO of the Southern Gas Association. “We were pleased to partner with our Associates on this unique opportunity and promote the innovation acceleration we see in the natural gas industry. SGA applauds each of the presenting companies and all those who submitted proposals. As providers of innovation driving sustainable energy solutions, these companies think of themselves first as collaborators and second as competitors.”

“This was a tough selection process due to the outstanding quality of the submissions,” said Jimmy Staton, SGA Board Chair and CEO of Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline. “Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all of those who submitted proposals. The Innovative Tech Forum is an inspiring opportunity that bodes very well for the natural gas industry. The Management Conference presenters are the first in a growing list of cutting-edge companies that the Innovative Tech Forum will propel forward and upward. We are extremely grateful to our Associate Section Managing Committee for their continuing support and leadership in this effort.”


Campos EPC, an engineering services company, presented Hydrogen-based Energy Solutions.

To support the safe and effective implementation of Hydrogen blending in our industry, Campos EPC, along with our partners, is supporting hydrogen design and testing projects along with determining safe operating metrics for Hydrogen blending in natural gas pipelines. We have designed a phased timeline on how this can be accomplished within already established systems to assist in project planning and preparation. We have also designed modular hydrogen blending, injection and measurement systems installed in natural gas testing facilities to study impacts to distribution systems in a controlled environment. For any Hydrogen blending needs, we are able to provide detailed engineering support for mechanical, electrical, and controls scope, as well as a thorough review of hydrogen-specific safety protocols, procedures, equipment spacing, and materials selection. We also support end-user appliances testing, equipment testing, and combustibility analysis. Furthermore, we have researched and established connections with electrolyzer manufacturers, allowing us to plan and build complete hydrogen production and blending systems.


Picarro, a provider of hardware-enabled software solutions for natural gas utilities, presented Emission Reduction.

The Picarro Solution combines mobile methane emissions measurements and other data sources with powerful analytics, enabling natural gas operators to better manage their networks to be more safe, clean, and cost-effective than ever before. This presentation will describe how natural gas utilities can operationalize Picarro’s emissions quantification technology to rapidly identify and fix “Super Emitter” leaks which have especially high leak flow rates. SGA members will learn how repairing a very small number of Super Emitters can result in significant emissions reductions.


e2 Companies, an ESG focused Distributed Generation provider, presented Renewable Energy Integration.

Innovating to a clean energy future requires an all-of-the-above approach which incorporates natural gas. Our Patent Pending R3Di Distributed Generation System combines battery storage and natural gas engines, creating outcomes which support the integration of renewable energy and provides a level of resiliency, reliability, and energy savings unmatched in the industry. By partnering with members of the Natural Gas industry, we are delivering reliability solutions to Mission Critical customers throughout North America.


Anax Power, an environmental provider, presented Generating Clean Power from Natural Gas.

Anax Power generates clean power from natural gas, without combustion. The Anax Turboexpander (ATE) uses the pressure and flow of gas moving through pipelines to spin a generator and create carbon-free power that creates financial and environmental value for natural gas pipelines, utilities, power plants, and large industrial sites.


Southern Gas Association Innovation Tech Forum, which takes place on July 1st from 9 am to 10 am central standard time highlights all the ways innovative thinking and innovative technology can build a better and cleaner energy future for all of us. Celebrating Natural Gas innovation, the all-new Innovation Tech Forum is a dynamic tech fest dedicated to product and service discovery. Focusing on innovation, SGA Association members who submitted proposals will have an opportunity to showcase their cutting-edge solutions with the SGA Operating Member community in a 10-minute live technology presentation with live Q&A.

Our panel of Industry Judges included SGA’s Board Executive Committee and our 31 Board Directors. Names and companies can be viewed on our website.

  • Jimmy Staton, CEO, Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline
  • Steve Lindsey, EVP and COO, Spire
  • Scott Doyle, EVP Natural Gas, CenterPoint Energy
  • Luke Litteken, SVP Gas, Xcel Energy
  • Don Raikes, President, Dominion Energy


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