Suzanne Ogle, President & CEO of SGA, to Present at Enercom Dallas on April 6, 2021

Humankind’s health and quality of living and economic advances in the 20th-century are correlated with an unprecedented rise in energy consumption.

Up to 32% of America’s energy comes from clean, affordable, and abundant natural gas. But natural gas isn’t yesterday’s energy — it’s the fuel of the future. SGA members, both operators and suppliers are creating cleaner fuel by finding new sources and using creative technology to make this reliable energy source cleaner than ever. These investments are driving innovation across the industry, and powering progress for our shared planet, and the people who call it home. Yet, today, businesses and consumers face demands for the forcible phasing out of fossil fuel energy.

There is a gale force tailwind on a transition to low carbon energy. Today’s overcharged, divided political climate requires that energy companies must constructively communicate their ESG journey. Open dialogue with stakeholders about current operations and how operations perform in context of environmental, societal, governance frameworks is essential.

Finally, ESG is not a compliance exercise, it requires leaders who are equipped to meet the heightened expectation of business. Stakeholders are in quest of genuine sustainable solutions and companies that care about intergenerational well-being. It is not enough to be profitable; your organization’s investors, customers and employees seek companies and leaders that make decisions from an alignment of economic, social equity and justice, and environmental perspective.

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