Giving Voice to Natural Gas: The Power of Grassroots Advocacy in Shaping Our Clean Energy Future

In pursuit of the “A-HA” moment.

Grassroots efforts present each of us an opportunity to communicate about clean energy, how natural gas will help achieve shared climate goals and policies that will support a sustainable energy solution.

Environmental activists have harnessed grassroots efforts to shape perception and public policy on fossil fuel. While they may be well-intended, sincere and emotionally invested, they are also un or misinformed as to how energy is generated and delivered, where it is used and how much energy we need as a nation. As natural gas professionals, we understand the what, how and why. It’s time for the natural gas industry to mobilize and put action behind our knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry and a clean energy future. We recognize the critical role of advanced energy technology innovation in maintaining U.S. economic success and providing a sustainable domestic energy supply for the future. Let’s get the word out. Read more

By Suzanne Ogle
President & CEO Southern Gas Association