As we say goodbye to 2020, we take a moment to celebrate the good things that happened in 2020, (there were so many!) and look ahead to the new year!

Looking forward, I believe the demand to innovate has never been higher. This expectation is why we are reimagining our committee structure. New Sections such as ESG, Innovative Opportunities, and Safety will prepare members for resilience and capitalize on emerging trends. The talent pooling inherent in committees provides an ample opportunity to access experience and differentiated capabilities. Through collaboration, members with common objectives can drive innovation and push boundaries.

Further, we are expanding our offering to include training that covers mindsets, trend-sensing, and understanding business ecosystems. We believe these skills will be necessary to effectively manage and lead in the complex environment that we operate. We live in an environment characterized by numerous non-linear implications. Systems Thinking will help our members find a long-term and viable path forward, an approach that includes technology and policy supported innovation. There are shifting value pools, and our members must capture those opportunities.

Check out The LINK to see the 2021 Chairman’s theme, discover the plan for our reimagined committees, and gain insight on the 2021 SGA Awards!