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Tomorrow, we start the work of changing the narrative! Join us.

Now is the time to take action!

Join the Southern Gas Association during the month of October to engage in a team

experience of capacity building, communication, and education.


Natural gas is a key component in building a sustainable clean energy future. Our

industry is providing clean reliable, affordable energy. The mantra of those against fossil

fuel, “keep it in the ground” is prescriptive. It’s about winning an argument, advancing

an agenda without a true defi nition of success. Many people are locked into a small

component of the debate “no fossil fuel” and it’s very personal to them. SGA stands

behind a process of identifying what we are trying to solve for and using all the tools

in the tool belt to achieve that end state. Rather than prescriptive, we choose to be

descriptive. Our mantra, “making clean energy happen.” Knowing what we are solving for,

a clean energy future, is our North Star.


To that end, SGA is launching “Natural Gas Take Action” month. We are doing the work

of “narrative change” and encourage you to engage. Every day in October we will be

providing free resources to lift up our members and the broader industry, weaving

together facts and inspiration. We have a lot of smart people in our industry and when

you put smart people together on a mission, you open up to creativity and new ideas.

Read more and learn how you can take part in “Natural Gas Take Action” month here.



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