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Mutual Assistance Update: Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma approached the southeastern part of the country, SGA was in close contact with local members in its path including companies in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. While some member companies did suffer damage from the impact within their service territories, SGA’s Mutual Assistance Program did not need to be activated. All affected member companies took appropriate precautions, and several member companies not affected were prepared to step in to help.

“As our staff facilitated appropriate communication during this time, SGA members who were not impacted were standing ready and willing to support those in the path of Hurricane Irma,” said Kent Hobart, vice president at SGA and contact for SGA’s Mutual Assistance Program. “It is this spirit of community and support that makes our members unique. SGA will continue to maintain this program and foster further relationships with other organizations and member companies to bolster its mission.”

For questions or further information about the Mutual Assistance Program, please contact Kent Hobart by email or by phone at (813) 917-8952.

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