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Final Farewell to Mike Grubb

The Last Supper

Yesterday, the Southern Gas Association said one last goodbye to a good friend and passionate leader, Mike Grubb.

He has been with the organization for two decades and served as president and CEO for the last eight years. His ideas brought about thoughtful change within the organization, and his contributions will continue to positively impact the membership as well as the industry well after he is gone.

While we know he is excited to sail away into retirement, the SGA staff couldn’t let him go without just a few more parting words…

  • “Mike, thank you for always showing up with a smile and a funny story!  You will be missed. All the best for you and Amber.”  – Jane Butler
  • “Mike, my advice as you depart SGA…Don’t hit anything!! You’ll know why I picked that. Priceless – and from a great man who originally said it.” – Gary Hines
  • “Mike, it has been an absolute pleasure being your Work Partner the last three years. Thank you for making me better and for investing in my career and life. May God’s blessings continue to be upon you and Amber in this new and exciting journey!” – Amanda Morgan
  • “Bye, and have a nice day (retirement). I have enjoyed the time that I got to spend with you and Amber.  Best wishes, always.” – Debbie Krawzik
  • “Mike, you’ve built such a great team here. Thank you for making me a part of it. Best wishes to you and Amber on all your adventures yet to come!” – Ashley Brazell
  • “Mike – You Da Man!” – Jake Wagner
  • “Thank you for being so welcoming, it was a pleasure to work with you. Have a happy retirement and try not to schedule too many conference calls in between! Best wishes!” – Amanda Campos
  • “I want to thank Mike for his leadership, his friendship and for his passion for our industry. Happy trails to Mike and Amber!” – Bill Cantrell

Wishing you all the best, Mike, and please don’t be a stranger!

-Team Southern Gas




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