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Marketing Section Managing Committee Debuts New Name, New Goals through Growth & Retention

At this year’s Annual Membership Meeting, chair of the Marketing Section Managing Committee Aleida Socarras announced a new name, Growth and Retention, and vision for the group.

Growth & Retention Section Managing Committee at 2016 Management Conference

“We changed the committee’s name to Growth and Retention because we believe it betters captures the mission of the section and the committees under it,” said Chairwoman Aleida Socarras, AVP Marketing & Energy Logistics, Florida Public Utilities. “The growth of our companies and the retention of customers is everyone’s job. Recognizing this and wanting to be more inclusive, we agreed on the new name and vision for the future.”

The Growth and Retention Section Managing Committee seeks to encourage other disciplines within the SGA member companies, such as communications, market analytics and energy efficiency to engage, collaborate and facilitate the exchange of information and ideas, which will help natural gas companies grow and retain customers.

This year, the committee will continue inviting the chairs of the Residential Sales & Marketing, the Commercial/Industrial Sales & Marketing and the End Use Codes and Standards committees to monthly calls to discuss timely topics. Participation in monthly committee calls lend support to connected committees and allows up-and-coming leaders to be groomed for the Growth and Retention Section Managing Committee.  Thank you to Margaret Choate-Von Flatern, OneGas, former chair of the Residential Sales & Marketing Committee, for volunteering to be Vice Chair to Kristi Cheatham-Pettit, Clearwater Gas System, next year.

The new vision of the Growth and Retention Section Managing Committee will provide a pathway forward to better integrate sales and marketing, customer experience and market analytics to the benefit of SGA member companies.

Interested in attending an SGA Growth and Retention event? Here are some upcoming opportunities:

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