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Pat Downey Retirement

Pat Downey, Senior Vice President of Southern Gas Association, will be retiring in December 2014.  Pat has been with SGA since September 1992, when he started as a Program Manager over Training Programs.  Before joining SGA, he was a director with the Texas Special Olympics in Austin from 1983 to 1992, where he began his career in Association Management.  Pat has seen the industry change tremendously in 22 years.  “Few people knew or cared what natural gas was then and it’s rewarding to see that natural gas is now integral to the US economy and energy independence”, said Pat.

He’s had many great memories throughout the years, but his favorite is the SGA Centennial Celebration in 2008.  It was a great yearlong celebration highlighted mostly by the Management Conference in Atlanta with keynote speaker Bill Bennett and a meet and greet backstage at the Fox Theater with America, one of his all-time favorite bands who performed a private concert for the group.  He said he will miss the people and relationships he’s made at SGA the most, especially the “business” golf and sweet locations for events. He’s enjoyed helping people improve themselves both personally and professionally through SGA.  He always strived to make sure that anyone who invested their time and money in an SGA event, from a first year employee to the CEO, felt good about their experience.

In retirement, Pat looks forward to traveling, baseball games, horse races and of course lots of golf.  He will do some consulting work and volunteering.  His first grandson, Blake Ryan, was born in August and he looks forward to spending more time with him too.  Pat said, “It’s been a wonderful career. I’m grateful to all the folks who helped me out along the way.  I’ve been a part of hundreds of workshops and conferences, and crossed paths with thousands of great people, some who became lifelong friends.   You can’t ask for much more than that. I’ve been very blessed.”

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