CRM Fatigue Training

Highly informative and participatory program to explore the problems associated with working rotating and night shift schedules, as well as long, uninterrupted hours

Course Overview

Working closely with experienced shiftworkers and their spouses, Circadian Technologies, Inc. (CTI) has developed this highly informative and participatory program to explore the problems associated with working rotating and night shift schedules, as well as long, uninterrupted hours. The program provides practical solutions for easing the adjustment and day-to-day difficulties associated with shiftwork lifestyles and provides a forum to give shiftworkers (and their significant others) an opportunity to share their experiences with others and explore solutions to their problems with CTI experts and other couples who are participating in the program. Managing a Shiftwork Lifestyle was designed by experts to fill a glaring void in the areas of shift scheduling, sleep hygiene, circadian physiology, substance abuse, nutrition, stress management, family counseling, psychology and organizational management in collaboration with professional shiftworkers from a wide variety of industries and regions across the country. The program also meets ANSI/API RP 755 requirements for training.


Course Content & Objectives


  • Basic sleep, circadian, and fatigue physiology
  • Strategies for achieving good quality, restorative sleep
  • Recognizing the symptoms of sleep disorders and how to obtain appropriate medical advice and treatment
  • Managing an alert and healthy lifestyle
  • Understanding the specific risks of fatigue impairment in their own work environment and work duties
  • Recognizing the signs of fatigue impairment and knowledge on the healthy and effective ways of mitigating them


  • Share the recent advances in scientific research on human biological clocks and the direct effects they have on the life of a shiftworker
  • Teach how to adjust one’s biological clock to minimize the disruptive effects of shiftwork on sleep and alertness
  • Educate shiftworkers on how to manage the physical and mental stress of shiftwork on the human body, including practical solutions
  • Teach how to manage the social and family issues that arise from working shifts, with particular emphasis on improving communication and support within the family
  • Educate how to manage health and nutrition, in terms of proper timing and content of food


This program is approximately 4 hours. We recommend limiting the class to a maximum of 25 attendees. A minimum of 15 attendees is required in order to schedule this program at an SGA Conference. The session(s) can be scheduled at any time of the day or night, or on weekends, as needed to accommodate the maximum number of people.

The “In-House Workshop” option allows us to bring the instructor to your office and utilize your facilities to perform the training.  For this training, simply let us know what time frame you are considering for the session and we’ll coordinate with the instructor and handle the delivery of any training materials used during the session.   The cost for the “SGA Conferences” option allows the SGA to take advantage of our scheduling already underway for existing conferences to add this workshop session.  Review the list of currently scheduled conferences to see what options may be available.


In-House Workshop $4,800*
SGA Conferences $395 per person**

* Maximum number of participants allowed to ensure optimal education for attendees

**Minimum number of attendees required in order to conduct the workshop. Contact Member Services to express interest.

To purchase either option, contact Member Services.

Comments from Past Attendees

New ideas to improve sleep and habits.
It helped broaden my knowledge on problems that may arise and the best ways to combat them.
Learned how to balance shift work lifestyles.