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Accelerated Replacement Programs

The purpose of the Accelerated Replacement Programs Interest Group is to focus on management of cast iron, bare steel and obsolete materials replacement programs in distribution systems. This interest group is sponsored by the Distribution Construction Operations & Maintenance Interest Group.



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Accelerated Main Replacement Programs Workshop - July 19, 2012

The SGA sponsored and Laclede Gas hosted an SGA Accelerated Main Replacement Workshop on July 19 at their offices in St. Louis. Ten (10) companies were represented including: Alabama Gas, Atmos Energy, BG&E, CPS Energy, Duke Energy, Laclede Gas, Metropolitan Utilities, NiSource, Pacific Gas & Electric and Vectren and 19 operating representatives.

Gary Hebbeler, General Manager – Gas Operations, provided the workshop attendees with a comprehensive overview of their accelerated bare steel and cast iron main replacement program in Kentucky and Ohio. Duke has completed a 10 year program in Kentucky and is within a few years of completing a 15 year program in Ohio. At completion Duke will have replaced over 1400 miles of main. Gary’s presentation is available on the Accelerated Replacement Programs web page. He shared the lessoned Duke learned over the past 12 years and covered the planning, logistics, contractor management, materials and cost recovery challenges of a large multi-year accelerated replacement program. He spent a time on the management of revenue requirements and O&M and Capital budgeting issues. Gary covered the best practices for developing and implementing an accelerated replacement program.

The diversity of the attending companies provided a valuable exchange of information and a network to share lessons learned as many companies proceed with the acceleration of the replacement of cast iron, bare steel and obsolete materials.

An interest group has been formed to develop additional forums for the group to exchange information. Future web conferences are being scheduled to focus on specific issues with SME’s available to present solutions and discuss.


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