Transmission Operations & Engineering



016 The Midstream Interest Group focus is the link between the exploration and production of natural gas and the delivery of its components to long haul pipelines and end-use markets. Compression, right of way issues, measurement, safety, gas quality, pipeline construction and maintenance and regulatory compliance are part of our discussions. We liaise with a number of other SGA Interest Groups.  

This task force supports the Pipeline Construction and Operations, & Maintenance Committee at Round Table/Breakout session during the SGA Operating Conference



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Reports to the Pipeline Operations & Engineering Section Managing Committee

and collaborates with the Pipeline Construction, Operation, & Maintenance Committee 


 Areas of Focus  

 Regulatory Compliance
(Gathering Rule etc)
> Current Status
> Potential
> Class location, risk mgmt.
Record Keeping
> Maintenance mgmt.
> GIS, drafting
Gas Quality Issues
> Contaminants: CO2, sulfur, water, frac fluids, O2, dust/particulates
> Scavengers/inhibitors/descalers
Utility pigging
ILI (cleaning, operations)
NGL infrastructure
> Wellhead
> Plant inlet
> Plant outlet
> Greenhouse gases
> Leak surveys



Damage prevention
> Public awareness

> Enforcement
Workforce planning
> Training

> Pipeline, plant operations (OJT), construction inspectors, OQ training
> Knowledge transfer (from retiring workers)
> Emissions

> Noise
Material balance
> Wellhead to plant

Duplication of assets
R-O-W and landowner relations

> Pipelines, equipment
> Microbial
> Personal safety

> Process/asset safety
Difficulty in maintaining stable operation (flow/pressure)
Process Safety Management
Safety Management Systems
Mechanical Integrity





















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