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Marketing Excellence Awards 

Now introducing, the Members' Choice Award and the Judges' Award!

Each year the SGA Growth & Retention Section Managing Committee opens this exclusive competition to SGA members. The Marketing Excellence Awards is dedicated to identifying marketing campaigns that demonstrate success with measurable results in Growth & Retention. At the 2017 SGA Management Conference, the committee officially unveiled a reformatted Marketing Excellence Awards Program.

Members' Choice Award

  • There will now be two awards in the Marketing Excellence Awards Program - the Judges' Choice Award and the Members' Choice.
  • Submissions will be entered online, then presented live at the Marketing, Customer Experience & Communications Conference (MCEC) for the Members' Choice Award.
  • All contenders will be given the option of table-top exhibit space to display their programs at MCEC.
  • After presentations and table top exhibits, members/conference attendees will vote for their favorite program/campaign, via mobile app @ MCEC.
  • Missed the Members' Choice "round"?  You still have an opportunity to participate - check out "round 2" - the Judges Choice Award!
  • The 2017 Members' Choice winner is Florida Public Utilities, Co. (FPU) - Spring Showers Campaign

Judges' Choice Award

  • Additional entries will be accepted September through January, for the Judges' Choice Award.
  • In February, candidates will deliver a presentation to the judges, via live webinar.
  • The winner of the Judges' Choice Award, will be invited to present at the SGA Management Conference taking place in April.
  • Following Management Conference, all participants will showcase their programs via SGA Network webinars.

How to Submit?

To enter your company, please complete the registration process and submit forms and material by January 31, 2018, 5:00 p.m. CT.  All entrants must officially register for the 2017-2018 SGA Marketing Excellence Awards program. The Entry fee is $100 and is donated to Freedom Service Dogs.

Example of Programs for Entry: 

  • Local Government Building Programs
  • New Home Builder’s - Single or Multifamily Programs
  • Extension of Gas Main New Customer Programs
  • Trade Ally New Innovative Equipment Programs
  • Code and Standards Programs
  • Government Regulation Changes
  • Safety and Education Programs
  • Energy Efficiency Programs
  • Social and Customer Assistance Programs
  • Local Legislative Programs
  • Cooling and Heating Programs
  • Water Heating and Efficiency Programs
  • Innovation
  • Manufacture Trade Ally Support Programs
  • Value Added Programs to promote behind the Meter and/or Account Services 


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Previous SGA Marketing Excellence Award Winners:

2015-2016 Marketing Excellence Award Winners

2014-2015 Marketing Excellence Award Winner

2013-2014 Marketing Best Practices Award Winner and Honorable Mention


If you have questions regarding the SGA Marketing Excellence Awards program, please contact Veronica Garza.