WEBINAR: Corrosion Growth Rates

May 21, 2018 | 9:30 - 11:30 AM CDT

SGA Webinar

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Webinar Details

  • Understand the role of a corrosion growth assessment (CGA) in the pipeline integrity management cycle
  • Learn methods for estimating historical corrosion growth rates (CGRs) from inline inspection data, and the uncertainties involved in the process
  • Recognize the distinction between historical corrosion growth and future corrosion growth, and learn methods for predicting future growth using historical ILI data
  • Understand the elements that constitute ‘best practice’ in post-inline inspection CGA

Meet the Experts

Keith Leevis

Keith Leewis, Leewis and Associates

Keith Leewis brings over forty years of extensive and comprehensive experience in pipeline safety - in engineering, design, materials, operations, risk, integrity and safety management to the operations and engineering sectors of the energy industry. As an ASME committee member, he improves the international standards for the design and integrity management of natural gas pipelines, including those API & NACE standards related to integrity assessment. In prior years Dr. Leewis was a tenured professor at TUNS, director of technology at Welding Institute of Canada, project research and development manager at PRCI, GTI & GRI, senior engineer at TCPL, and a research and development engineer at DOFASCO.




Andy Russell, Rosen

Andy Russell has over 30 yeas of experience in the oil and gas industry, comprising 10 years of design, technical and project management experience at the British Gas Engineering Research Station (ERS) followed by over 20 years in pipeline integrity consultancy. He has accumulated significant experience in leading projects concerned with defect assessment (with a focus on ILI data), data management, fracture and fatigue assessment and pipeline integrity management with specific responsibility for the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions.  He is a member of ROSEN (UK)’s management team and has responsibility for research and development activities within the Newcastle office.




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  • Are you involved with pipeline repairs related to corrosion?

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