December 1, 2022

Women & Leadership
Decision Making: The Four Step Process

Virtual Workshop


Join the SGA Women in Leadership committee for “Coffee and Conversations.” Equip yourself with stronger decision-making skills by attending this presentation of an overview of the decision-making process as outlined in the book Decisive. Learn the four-step decision-making process that Chip and Dan Heath go through in their book. Tune in to discover more about the process and grow your decision-making skills.



Learn about:

  • How to avoid narrow framed decision making
  • How to use the 10/10/10 rule in your decision-making process
  • How to fast-track the decision-making process
  • How to set reasonable boundaries in your decision-making process


Who Should Attend:

Anyone and everyone who would like to make a more significant impact through inspiration.


Meet the Speaker:

Samantha Howard is a Senior Organizational Development Specialist at Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline. Samantha worked for over a decade in the electric utility industry before transitioning over to natural gas in early 2019. Then in 2021 she embarked on a career in organizational development primarily focused on professional development programs, presentations and developing material for women to be successful in their careers.  In 2016, she received her Masters degree in Management from Brescia University. Then in the spring of 2021, she completed a “Virtual Instructional Design Certification” through the Association for Talent Development and in the fall of 2021 a “Women in Leadership” certificate program from Cornell University. She is an active member of Saving Paws Animal Rescue of Kentucky and has volunteered as a foster home for over sixteen years. She’s also the mom to two beautiful girls and has been happily married to her husband Casey Howard for over thirteen years.


From 12-01-2022 8:00 am CST until 12-01-2022 9:00 am CST



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